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Shaken with the realization
big back
The question suddenly hit me
with a force and an eeriness that I hadn't felt before.

The laughter should have warned me.
But the traffic showed signs of moving again.

"What do you do?" I asked the man, to break the silence
shooting up around me on all sides, thick as jungle grass.

I like looking on at other people in crucial situations.
I stop and look so hard, as to never forget it.

The tropical, stale heat the sidewalks
had been sucking up all day
hit me in the face like a last insult.
I didn't know where in the world I was.

There wasn't a soul in the hall.
I let myself into my apartment.
It was full of smoke.
At first I thought the smoke had
materialized out of thin air
as some sort of judgement.

I turned around and blinked out into
the bright hallway.
I had the impression it wasn't night and it wasn't day,
but some lurid third interval that had suddenly
slipped between them and would never end.


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